About me :

Date of birth : Jan 25,1991

Marital state : single

Address : Isfahan University of Technology , Imam khomeini St , jomhoori Sq , Isfahan , Iran

Educations :


MSc. in material science engineering (Corrosion and cathodic protection), Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), IRAN (2014-2017)

         Thesis: New method for the production  of copper nano-oxide on the copper substrate and the study of optical and photoelectrochemical properties.

           Supervisor: Dr. Ali Ashrafi , Dr. M.Mohsen Momeni

BSc. in material science engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, IRAN  (2009-2013)

       Thesis: Investigation of pure aluminum macroscopic structure on its hydrophobicity,Design and manufacture of contact angle measurment and contact hysteresis.

        Supervisor: Dr. Behzad Niroumand

Research Interests :

Photoelectrochemical water spilitting

p-type semiconductors photocatalysis behavior

Solar cells

Simulation of Corrosion and cathodic protection 

Hydrophobic surfaces and texture